Table of Terpenes

The genetic diversity of cannabis is amazing, and often overwhelming. From first time to veteran consumers, this poster provides useful information about vaporization temperatures, effects, and strains.

Print & Web Design

Pike Street Press

A small letterpress shop based in Seattle, Washington, Pike Street Press specializes in wedding invitations and business cards.

User Experience Design

Canon Powershot

One quarter. Artefact and the WWU UX Capstone class team up to make less than awesome products into something future forward.

Print  & Digital Design

Associated Students Publicity Center

The home of graphic design at Western Washington University, producing advertising materials for everyone from small clubs to the largest student organizations.

Book Design

How We Connect

A hand bound book exploring paper circuitry and the theme of human connection.


Voxel Art

Voxel’s are cubes you can draw with. The word comes from the combination of volume and pixel.

App Design


Falling in love with the Monotype Library Subscription is now even easier with a swipe to match app. Explore and save your favorite typefaces with ease.

Kylie Owen 2018 — Seattle, Washington