Branding & Photo Mockup

True Brands: 6-Pack of Values

The Challenge

Forgettable Values

This is the company where I got my start in packaging design, working on everything from the dieline of the smallest sticker on a shot glass, to collections upwards of 30 SKUs with every product working harmoniously to represent our the brand. I attended monthly company meetings where the brand’s values were discussed at length, but aside from those presentations, there was little representation of these values in our office.
I initially dug into researching the company values themselves, writing down definitions and drawing potential icons. Then I explored the categorization of beer to identify 6 unique vectors that could carry these values.

The Solution

Familiar Packaging

Inspired by my research, I explored symbolic imagery and typographic layouts in my sketchbook, then turned to the computer to refine and add color. I created six labels that incorporate a range of Ales and Lagers, one for each of the company values, which together become a 6-pack.
As a designer, my goal is always to utilize my illustration and layout skills to show off what is already special about the brand I am working with, and create something memorable. While this project was mostly for my own amusement, I look forward to working on projects where I can make an impact with design systems.