Packaging Design

Cold Feet Ice Tray

The Challenge

Symbolic vs. Animal Oriented

Created in-house the animal paw ice tray follows a long line of True Brands ice molds. On the one hand, we have symbol based trays like the #poundit or the Iced Out which both have white backgrounds with repeating patterns. On the other, we have animal based designs that feature more illustration elements and color. The type treatments are also inconsistent, which gives no easy answer for how to treat a new product coming into the lineup.
The Solution

Leading with Fun

Reconciling the paw’s place in between symbol and animal, I featured an illustrated trail of pawprints in the snow. This calls back to the three dimensional nature of the product, and gives a dynamic feel to the front packaging. The type is neatly tucked between photo and illustration elements, showing basic details about the product without the cluttering of paragraph text.